X-431 PRO Diagnostic Scan Tool


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X‐431 PRO is a latest released auto diagnostic device based on Android system and Internet application. It inherits LAUNCH’s classic X-431 series scan tools features plus more functions like Bluetooth and WiF connection, remote diagnosis, customer management etc. X‐431 PRO has the application advantage of mobile Internet, which could share the maintenance and repair database via golo platform, provide instant maintenance information, create public and private circle etc.

If the car owners have LAUNCH's golo products installed on their vehicles they are able to use their smart phones to diagnose/inspect their cars, generate the report and send it to the mechanic workshop or technician who owns X-431 PRO. Then X431 PRO could be used to receive and check the report and then they can provide the remote consultation and maintenance advice to car owners. This will help to build a closed relationship between the workshop and the care owners and bring more benifits to both parties. 


  • 7" Android tablet 
  • Support WiFi and Bluetooth connection
  • Dual camera
  • Real-time remote diagnosis
  • Full systems and modules diagnosis
  • golo public platform
  • Client vehicle management
  • Auto repair database
  • Software for over 76 car makes
  • Optional WiFi printer

For more info about X-431 PRO, please click here.


Display Screen 7" color LCD screen
CPU 1.0G dual core
ROM 512M
Boot time 20s
Storage capacity 2G
Diagnosis connection Blutetooth
Power 12V
Expansion Memory Support max. 32G Micro SD card
Camera dual camera, 0.3MP from, 2MP rear
Battery 3000mA polymer lithium battery
Diagnosis coverage Over 76 makes of Australian, Asian, European, American, Chinese manufacturers.
Photograph Support
IM Support
Audio Input/Output Support
Product dimension 210x160x20/50mm (LxWxH)
Product weight 0.7Kg

Package Contents:

1 x X-431 PRO Tablet
1 x Password Envelope
1 x X-431 PRO Protection Case
1 x Diagnostic Connector
1 x OBD II Extension Cable
1 x Cigarette Lighter Cable
1 x Power Adaptor
1 x USB Data Cable
1 x Non-16Pin Connector Set