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TLT240SCA Clear Floor Two Post Lift


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The TLT-240-SCA is a standard Clear Floor Two Post Lift (Rated Capacity: 4.0Ton), applicable for the lifting of various small and medium-sized vehicles with total weight below 4t in garage and workshop. Euipped with electrical control box for easy operation.



The cable and oil pipe are fully concealed, with decent and elegant appearance.
Designed based on the international standard, meeting the demand of the garage and workshop.

Top limit switch, effectively protecting the vehicle from overhead collision.
Dual hydraulic cylinders drive, stable lifting and lowering.

Electromagnetic full-scope safety lock.
Lowering electrically, safe and simple in operation. Adopt two steel cables for equalization, force two carriages to move synchronously, and effectively prevent the vehicle from tilting.
Lowest height of lifting pad is 110mm, good for repairing low chassis or low profile car. 


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