TLT240SBA Floorplate Hoist


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Product description:

The TLT240SBA 4 Ton 2-Post Floorplate hoist is the hoist with dual hydraulic cylinders drive, stable lifting and lowering. It adopts two steel cables for equalization, forcing the two carriages to move synchronously.

Product characteristics:

  • Fully concealed cables and hydraulic lines

  • Dual hydraulic drive cylinders for stable lifting and lowering

  • Uses steel cables for equalization, ensuring carriage synchronisation and effectively preventing the vehicle from tilting

  • Lowest height of lifting padis110mm - good for low profile vehicles

  • Electrical safety lock release

  • Electrical lowering, safe and simple to use

  • Built-in hydraulic cover load feature

  • Has been third party engineered by an independent Australian based engineering company

  • Outrigger Plate (LOP-1) available as an option

Product parameters:

  • Capacity-4Tonnes

  • Lifting Height- 1,950 mm

  • LiftingTime-50Sec

  • Lowering Time- 40Secs

  • Power Supply- 3PH415V

  • Motor Power-2.2 KW

  • European Power Pack

  • Drive Thru Width-2,486mm

  • Overall Width- 3,370 mm

  • Overall Height-2,860 mm