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Brief Introduction:
The CRecorder collects real-time engine data such as Ignition Timing, Fuel Trim and Engine Speed, among many other variables. Additionally, it will also read DTCs for cars compatible with OBDII and EOBD. For an additional fee, diagnosis is available from technicians via the internet, at www.crecorder.com.



Crecorder is a remote diagnostic tool developed with car owners in mind. It can collect engine data when the car is driven on the road. The recorded data are fed into de client terminal. Helped by the networking of the Crecorder website and client terminal, remote diagnosis has been turned into reality. Insert CRecorder to 16PIN diagnostic connector. It can communicate with ECU automatically when the ignition is turned on. After communication successfully, it begins to record data from the ECU. After inserting CRecorder to DLC, turn on the ignition switch within one minute; If LED light flashes regularly, it indicates that communication is successful; If LED light is illuminated continuously, it indicates that is not compatible with this vehicle.


The Vehicle Must be OBD11 Comply,Australian vehicles complied goto Tech Issues on this site. OBD11 16 pin socket, 12 volts, Status LED