Diagnostic Equipment

These tools will quickly become irreplaceable in your workshop!

CReader VI

CODE: CReader-VI

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Brief Introduction:
CReaderV is newly developed by LAUNCH, specially designed for car owners or DIYs to diagnose any vehicle that is compliant to OBDII/EOBD. It not only can read/clear DTCs, but also can read live data in 2 modes, and perform many special tests. Tri-languages make it operation easily for a technician. The feature of upgrading online ensures it can test new model cars and/or functions in the future.


X-431 PRO3 Diagnostic Tool


$4,389.00   $3,691.00 ($4,060.10 inc tax)
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X‐431 PRO3 is an updated model of X-431 PRO. Apart from all functions of its predecessor, it enables an optional full diagnosis heavy duty module 24V with bigger screen, faster CPU and higher resolution with dual cameras. 

golo Carcare

CODE: golo Carcare

$108.90   $89.00 ($97.90 inc tax)
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  golo Carcare is a plug-and-go device which can remotely diagnose and inspect your vehicle via your smart... More



$108.90   $89.00 ($97.90 inc tax)
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EasyDiag could turn any Android device into a powerful OBD II scan tool with access to engine, ABS, SRS and Transmission systems. It enables simple reading and clearing of codes, as well as enhanced live data with full graphing capabilities. It includes a Bluetooth OBD II connector, along with OBD II generic software and it is customizable with additional software for over 70 manufacturers of vehicles.

X-431 PRO Diagnostic Scan Tool


$3,289.00   $2,690.00 ($2,959.00 inc tax)
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X‐431 PRO is a latest released auto diagnostic device based on Android system and Internet application. It inherits LAUNCH’s classic X-431 series scan tools features plus more functions like Bluetooth and WiF connection, remote diagnosis, customer management etc. X‐431 PRO has the application advantage of mobile Internet, which could share the maintenance and repair database via golo platform, provide instant maintenance information, create public and private circle etc.

Launch Tech X431 PAD II Diagnostic Scan Tool


$5,480.00   $4,990.00 ($5,489.00 inc tax)
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- Built to IP65 water proof speci cations, drop-tested, dust-proof design
- Featuring an open Android operating system for a true tablet experience – install third party apps and software!
- Launch next generation software suite: OE-level access to Asian, European and American applications for module coding, resets, relearns & bi-directional capabilities
- Code Search: quickest response for code solutions, auto searches Google with DTC and related info
- Auto-ID all available vehicle systems and modules
- Real-time remote diagnosis: scan and clear codes on customer vehicles from thousands of miles away
- Built-in customer management software and link to LAUNCH online user community
- Built-in Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Database
- One-click Wi-Fi updates
- Class-1 Bluetooth 2.1 connector for optimum wireless connectivity
- High resolution camera with still and video capabilities
- 10.1” High resolution IPS capacitive touch screen
- 12,000 mAh lithium ion battery with up to 8 hours on a single charge
- Optional Wi-Fi printer available
- One year software subscription included
- OBD I & proprietary cables and connectors

golo 4

CODE: golo4

$218.90   $179.00 ($196.90 inc tax)
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golo 4 is an ultra smart plug-and-go device which can remotely diagnose, inspect and monitor you vehicle via 3G mobile network


CODE: CRecorder

$85.00   $65.00 ($71.50 inc tax)
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Brief Introduction:
The CRecorder collects real-time engine data such as Ignition Timing, Fuel Trim and Engine Speed, among many other variables. Additionally, it will also read DTCs for cars compatible with OBDII and EOBD. For an additional fee, diagnosis is available from technicians via the internet, at www.crecorder.com.

Smoke Leak Detector

CODE: SLDetector

$2,950.00   $1,950.00 ($2,145.00 inc tax)
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Best value for money from this Smoke Leak Detector, diagnosing cars suffering from unstable idling, poor drivability, bad fuel economy, and finding out exactly the location where is leaking smoke from a car in a few minutes only.